City Council berates Housing Board

Interesting the past few days worth of news concerning the Housing Board, Bev Fitzpatrick, and the Roanoke Times.

Funny how the publisher of the Times is stepping down, right as the "all the news that doesn't offend" paper launches a massive attack.

But seriously, is there one person in Roanoke who actually believes the City Council's claims of "had we only known..." Makes me wonder if all this morning fog we have been having lately is natural.

And guess what, in any other city - NY/LA/Chi - any city anywhere, grant money is often given to things that seem unrelated to the grant itself. It's common practice for anti-drug monies to go to groups that put on anti-drug plays in schools. Yes, it's a bit unusual for HUD monies to go to that, but considering WHAT was done with the money - it's not that unusual. That money went to buy some equipment, and a play which was performed FOR those very (as the normally absent Mr. Wishneff put it) "our poorest population..."

Sometimes things are not always what they seem, and sometimes they are just that.

Do I believe Bev is guilty of anything - not without serious evidence. Look at Bev's history, and see that all his life has been spent on boards and in business' that would appear to have conflicts of interest. From what I've seen - Bev is a professional who knows how to keep the two seperate, unless theres a damn good reason to go ahead with it.

But nice to know our City Council allows a board IT appoints to operate with complete autonomy - so much so that they are just hearing of things from 3 years ago.

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