wow. just wow.

Arts & Culture: Museum soon to take shape downtown

an actual rendering of the new art museum.

I give up, seriously. No more griping about the waste of space, the loss of revenue, or anything else like that.

No more complaining about the strange mannerisims of the build, or the inherent problems stemming from it (with no regard for surrounding businesses).

Nope - if you can't figure out thats one ugly building, than brother - you deserve it.

Pardon me, whilst I go bleach my eyes.


Anonymous said...

First things first, I am a faithful reader of your blog. Big fan. Here is my first comment.

Historical reminder: The Eiffel Tower was considered a modern monstrosity when it was first erected and now look at what it does for Paris. There are numerous other examples of modern art and architecture that stand out like a sore thumb at first, but eventually grow to represent the city they live in. While it is a nice idea to have buidings "match", I'd rather Roanoke encourage modern artists and architects to put their stamps on the area rather than try to duplicate the efforts of their dead forerunners. Victorian, Art Deco, Craftsman, Bauhaus all had their hey-days when they were considered cutting edge and even controversial. You never know...20 years from now, you may love that art museum as a symbol of Roanoke that rivals the star (a tacky neon monstrosity of its own, but still loveable).

This is not to suggest that I am a champion of modern architecture. I live in a 100 year old house in Old Southwest. I just feel that 100 years ago, someone had to give those architects a chance to create modern buildings. They would want us to continue to innovate, not duplicate.

That leads me to another rant about what I thought was the intended purpose of architectual review boards and what appears to be their current mission in Old Soutwest. I guess I would have to start my own blog then.

Anonymous said...

Let me ask this...where did you find this rendering? Are there more, from different angles? I really really want to like this building but it just isn't coming easy.

FireFleitz said...

it seems as though the rendering places the Wachovia tower several blocks away, shown in the distance. In actuality the tower should be shown much closer.

RoanokeFound said...

well, remember this much - scale is nothing in these drafts. the actual site location is much much smaller than any of the drawings or CAD designs show.

Take everything you have seen of the new museum, and shrink it by half - at least. Now you are approaching the reality of the situation.

But honestly, it's just ugly no matter how you try and justify it. The Wachovia Tower has classic dimensions, and a modern appearance, as does Center in the Square (never think about it much do you?).

This is a fevered dream by a 2nd rate architect, drawing on things he had not personally seen - feelings he had not experienced...

But what have you.. it's private funding, and it's far too late to stop it now. Just start thinking of a good use for an ugly building.

bubba said...

Funny you mention Wachovia Tower. When that was under construction, folks I knew were up in arms. They HATED it, thought it would destroy the skyline and stick out like a sore thumb. Funny how times change.

RoanokeFound said...

considering the legacy the city has with high-rise buildings, and architecturally perfect structures - it's easy to see why the gun-shy attitude towards the Wachovia tower.

This monstrosity, with its false promises and myriad problems since construction began.. it's in a whole different category unto itself.