I have been trying to find a nice way to put this one

Money is never an easy subject to broach with people, especially people who know they are not making what they should be. All day long I am treated to a litany of "it's a shame they treat us the way they do."

So like I said, I've been searching for a good way to approach the subject, and thankfully.. Mr. Fleitz over at RoanokeFire.com in both the article and the comments finally gives voice to my thoughts.

"Apparently you do not find that odd. Maybe that is the problem with trying to get more money. We have too many people who are perfectly fine making inadequate wages. " (emphasis added)

Exactly. Roanoke is bereft with individuals who are some of the most talented and hard working available anywhere - yet they have had one point pounded into their brains since birth. You are only worth what someone will pay you.

But what someone will pay you is hardly what you are worth to them, but what you accept as pay is hardly half of what you gain for them. And thats where the cycle of worker abuse begins.

When a company keeps payscales low, or inconsistent - the only one who is truly hurt is the company itself. Worker turnover, disloyalty, and unsettled workers (no matter how much you attempt to enforce a "teammate" attitude) lead to loss of goods, services, and time.

Make your choice, accept the crap wages - or make a stand and find someone who is willing to pay, or at least recognize the hard work you do for them.

I could single out businesses that are guilty in this - but it would not matter. Until someone takes a stand, nothing will change.



Anonymous said...


There's at least one reason why workers have so much trouble.

RoanokeFound said...

Of course, it should go without saying that anyone in any kind of career does that which will provide a paycheck. He was hired to do a job, just like anyone else.

Now weather or not that signifies his personal views, thats a matter for debate. But there are many reasons why any minimum wage hike (on a federal level) will not pass, payroll taxes being the biggest.

There is an entire debate in just these few lines, but thats another blog - another time..