Warm, welcoming, and friendly. Not a single neighbor who would not stop to say Hi on the whole street.

They know all about each other (and not just the gossip either), and the story of nearly every house on the block.

They have no intention of leaving this neighborhood, but wish it was more like it used to be. Corner stores, community restaurants, and all the rest.

To talk to them, sometimes turning back the clock is not a bad thing.

According to the wife, we are most likely the 'yuppies' on the block.

At least on this section of it anyway.

She has a way of making me forget the real purpose of moving to this hilltop high above the city, within spitting distance of the Star.

But to me, and rest assured.. this is the perfect opportunity to keep an eye on the city itself.

Still unpacking and assembling devices here at F-R HQ, but interesting things abound. Im hoping to be fully back on daily blogging duty by next week, and start working on the site again by next month.

When the site starts up again, there will be some industrial-sized updates coming down all at once. All of the stuff that has been trapped on the computer for the past 2 months while we secured new HQ will be unleashed. And a good deal of history will come to light.

Look for the post later this week explaining how the City of Roanoke, and the State of Virginia could help YOU find your own HQ.

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