Don't mind me, Im just a wee bit groggy this morning

All the running around yesterday done tuckered me out.

Remember this?

Straight Street's HQ. on Luck.

From the back, even more interesting... (behind and to the left of the Texas Tavern)

Well, as you probably read - Straight Street was torn down, to make way for a new building... s'cool. Good program and they needed more space as it was.

But..... I happened to be there yesterday with my camera. Sometimes what they uncover is twice as interesting as the building itself was.
This is the wall formerly hidden by the building. You can see the 2-toned concrete slab they poured (rather quickly I might add), and you can see windows. A door. Obviously that funky Straight Street building was a late addition.

Around 1907 (and previously) there was nothing more than a livery stretching between Church and Luck, fronting on 1st. It was not very big, just long.

But around the time the Texas Tavern opened its doors, the large parking lot behind it was a bowling alley (musta been nice, bowling and a bowl with right there.)

The livery was gone, replaced by The Bank of Virginia on Church and 1st, and a Tire Sales shop on Luck and 1st. (of course the GIS is down so I can't verify my findings based on Tax records.)

The back of the Tire Sales shop held a storage building, and an Electrical Supply shop. With what appears to be 8 foot alleyway between the storage and the main building.

So at some point things were connected, causing the windows and door to be bricked over. What point, I cannot say right now.

Thats your Forgotten-Roanoke moment. Go in peace and wonder.


Anonymous said...

Luck Lanes. Duck-Pin bowling. Had a one armed guy in there who was excellent. Survived into the late '60s.

RoanokeFound said...

Duck pin bowling.

Yet another thing Roanoke shares with Providence, RI.

The similarities are endless.

never played myself mind you, I grew up with 5 bowling alleys within a 10 minute drive from me.