The Globe and Mail: A Gehry knock-off, but still needed

The Globe and Mail: A Gehry knock-off, but still needed:
Among the competitors for the Art Gallery of Alberta, it was Stout who took the time to hang out in the city and learn its geography as if he were a long-time resident. The plan for the Alberta gallery is solid with an exterior sculpture court that extends the museum into the streets. As well, Stout integrated the city's light-rail transit into the gallery design.

What is unforgivable, however, is Stout's overworked use of the metaphor. Daniel Libeskind, the ROM's design architect, labours under the same pretension. Newly arrived in Edmonton from the hot Californian sun, Stout described his design not in terms of architecture and structure but of finding inspiration in the stacked rock compositions of inukshuks. Nice. The ribbons of stainless steel -- or whatever material they might become -- are inspired from the aurora borealis. Uh-huh. Not even the North Saskatchewan River was left alone -- it helps to explain the need for the building's undulations.

Boy what a lucky find this was today. I think you folks should read the article and ponder the fact that you got scammed by a well-praticed con-man. This all sounds eerilie familiar.

Note: There are still cars parking on the museums future location, and thats probably the way it will stay for a while.
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