Haunted Roanoke

Allright, so you folks have not been exactly forthcoming with information on Roanoke's hauntings. What little information I've been able to gather shows me that ya'll don't like to talk much about it.

Curious, especially given that its Halloween, and usually I can't get ya'll to hush when talking about history.

But you know its there. You know with downtowns history of saloons and flea-bag hotels, you know there was bloodshed. You know the Hotel Roanoke has its myths, as does the Patrick Henry and Ponce De Leon.

But you don't want to talk about how saturated Roanoke is with such things.

581 itself displaced countless graves, especially around that horrible Orange Ave. interchange. The excavation for the Wachovia Tower unearthed buffalo bones, as it was once part of a salt lick, in a marsh. Victory Stadium itself is built on the ground of the old Roanoke Fairgrounds, which were also used as staging areas for military use. It very well could have been the last happy place some troops saw before going off to war. The image of Mill Mountain might have carried them through battles, the view of the mountains around.

Mill Mountain itself is alleged to have quite a few, not to mention the small cemetary rumored to be hidden back deep in the woods at the top. Or the Witches House.

In the coming years Forgotten-Roanoke will occasionally be touching upon some of these things. You certainly did not think this was going to be a short term project did you? I have spent countless hours in some of the most haunted spots in all of NYC & Long Island. I have collected evidence, gathered opinions, and put myself into some odd situations to find hauntings.

Im going to be doing the same here in Roanoke.

From time to time you will the the Haunted Roanoke headline, and you can expect objective reporting of situations, as much of the history of the location as possible, and maybe some photos.

But for now, Im being haunted by the BlogDogs.. which means its time to go out..

Happy Halloween.


Lotzothoughtz said...

Don't forget the story of the lady in black. she was always my favorite.

Anonymous said...

More Haunted Roanoke when?

Tanya said...

Are you planning on doing this still? Would love to hear more!