Yep - that did it...

Recorded low last night was 31 at the Airport. Thats cold enough to kick-start the trees changing. All those hold-out trees are about to give up the ghost, even though the next few nights will not be as cold.

Keep your eyes on the mountains, the times - they are a changin...

4 days to Halloween, and 5 to the start of the Holiday Shopping season. I have actually refused to go into Tanglewood lately because I don't want to know how much Christmas stuff they have up. Im hearing that Valley View is allready off in a winter wonderland.

I guess we should all start looking forward to Dickens of a Christmas, the theme of which this year will be "holiday traditions through the ages."

Leaves alot of rooom for interpretation. Im thinking of putting together an "A Christmas Story" float. Can't you just see a 10 foot leg lamp winding its way downtown? Remember though, its a major award!

Last years Dickens of a Christmas was a hit, and Im sure this years will be no different.

But its too early for me to switch gears and go Christmas yet, I still have to get through Thanksgiving - and being a cook - boy do I have alot to get through.

Christmas will kick in about the 2nd week of November for me.. probably about the time when I actually go to a mall. I did go to Walmart and actually did browse the Christmas offerings, but thats ok - its Walmart. They always have stuff before the season... ice on the pond, snow on the ground, go to Walmart and buy your summer bathing suit.

Other than that, not much to report here. If you would like to submit a story for Haunted Roanoke, you can do so here. I've got a few, but not nearly as many as I would like. I know this town is spooked, from the corner of the Courthouses to the streets of Old Southwest, from Sam's Club to Tanglewood - and every place in between. We are not so removed from the past as we would like to think.

Heck - look at 581/220.

If you have any stories, suggestions, ideas or evidence. Let me know.

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