Liveblogging the storm

This is one massive storm...

There are wires down in the Hershberger/Preston area - NE

Tree on fire somewhere...

Scanners are a wonderful thing..

I guess we got lucky with the last few storms passing us by, and now it's our turn in the barrel.


Mill Mountain has vanished from view, transformers burnt out up in NE - I guess someone took a direct hit.


Mill Mountain Cam is not working suddenly...

5400 block of Airport Rd. - Wires on Fire across from Verizon, down and across the road

The Severe Thunderstorm warning is on until 5pm - and if you happen to live near the lake - consider this your warning. This is one heck of a storm.

Update 3

Accidents abound once again, as the rain driving abilities kick in..

Don't get soft folks - there's another line of heavy rain coming after the commercial break.

Update 4

looks like it's over, and we are in the clear... but back in WV, there might be a little something just for us - have to see how it develops...


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