And if I had a direct uplink, I could have beat the news with this.
I was out in the back with the dogs, and my little shih tzu who has been skitzo since the 4th, started freaking over some echoing booms. I called the wife inside and had her turn on the scanner, and lo and behold - a tanker had fallen off of 581/220 right off the side by the new Carilion buildings - landing between the NS coal yard (where they also had two fuel trucks as of yesterday) and the highway.

We jumped in the batmobile and flew to a secret spot here in SE, with a great look across the valley to Carilion and the Old Mill.

Here are the photos. (sorry for the crappy quality - it was the little camera)
Just another fireball in Roanoke...?
Lines of blinky lights, and a little spark of fire.
To be honest, we did travel - and this shot was taken in a different location - a bit closer, but the view was not any better.
Here's hoping all goes well tonight as they fight it out, or let it burn out. Keep the FF's safe, and the PD on scene. Let's hope that the Medics aren't needed tonight.

More photos to come, as I can get them cleaned up.
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Anonymous said...

the best part is that Roanoke city has felt the need to continually cut firemen, firestations, & apparatus. they don't feel things like this happen in the city to warrent a solid staff. when this occured, if anything els in the city had caught fire, that building would have burned to the ground! becase they would ahve to wait for salem or the county to come in.
-also, did you know they planning on cutting another firestation & fire engine, more personnel in another year. station 5 & station 9 will merge as 1 station with less equipment & men there everyday....