Today's the day. The day that will set the course of Roanoke for the next 10 years (see my previous posts as to why I say that).

I only ask this of you: Think before you pull that lever.

I wonder if Harris has learned anything from his reading on the history of politics in Chicago, if he is adopting a "Vote early, vote often" message today.

For my money - Bowers and Garner. I'm going to have to do some soul searching to figure out the 3rd and 4th - but Bowers and Garner for sure.

I'm no great fan of Bowers, but I think he is at least more responsive Harris could be.

As for Valerie - I've had chance over the past year to really pick her brain, and I am very impressed with what I have seen. She would be a great asset to the City Council.

And please, remember the Fire Fighters in all this - our saviors when we call.

Oh, and remember Mrs. Burcham too... as I am sure she is looking forward to another easy couple of years.

Get out and vote, there's nothing more important right now.

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Anonymous said...

...and Roanoke goes back to the status quo.
Just another dying little southern town.
Move along youngsters, no work / no life here.