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Results are rolling in folks - come discuss them in the Meebo chatbox to the right there.

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Right now, a very VERY strong showing for Bowers, with the exception of South Roanoke - which came out for Harris.

As far as the Council races - so far the only one who looks like a lock is Lea.

Come on, discuss.


Times has called it for Bowers, and prematurely for the Dem slate.

Tinker... whats the delay?


So the election is over, and we welcome Mayor-Elect Bowers. We question the count for the Rosen-Wishneff result, but thats only because it's late - and math is not my friend. Although with a 102 vote difference pre-tinker, and a 104-202 Tinker result - it's hard to figure for some reason. Must be the tiredness.

Oh, and Nash will step down from Blue Ridge - that's my prediction. If he steps down from the council, that throws everything into chaos.

Harris, sorry to hear you are finished with politics. That's a statement that came too late, Emperor Nelson.

See you all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Bowers = Ralph Smith II. Only less effective.

Anonymous said...

"Every time I think they've reached a new low of sliminess, they keep beating themselves," Wishneff said. "It's a group of thugs that ... hate democracy. They absolutely hate democracy. It's antithetical to them."

So long Wishneff-- we'll REALLY miss you. Jerk.

Anonymous said...

I voted Bowers, Price and Garner. At least I got 2/3 of what I wanted. I hope that Bowers can work with the council to get some things straightened out around town. It's going to be tough though... I still think Roanoke is going to be stagnant.

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what Nash does since HUD rejected his exemption.

Will they pick from the remaining 3 or reopen applications. I will apply if they open applications again as they should IMO. I will neeed 3,700 of those who voted for me to fill Council Chambers :)


Anonymous said...

Yeah. Bowers had such a grand legacy from his term(s) before...
Say what you will about Harris, but he got things done that had been stagnant in this town for the past 15 years.