More Quadrants nonsense

Amazingly, I am actually agreeing with the Times editorial board today.

I guess the whole Fire Reporting thing does not bother me near as much as the lack of reporting of Police reports. It's bad enough the actual reports of incidents is slim, but now you are taking away the only thing that connects the crime to the location. A triple homicide, drug related, in a neighborhood is reduced to a triple homicide on some street somewhere. And I could rattle off a list of streets on which you would never know where it happened.

This is just another reason to begin the process of removing the current City Council. Any council that would allow the hired gun of a City Manager (former human resources admin.) to set policy that directly affects the citizens of the city should be removed.

Consider this: The City of Roanoke is ill, and like any ill being - needs to be checked thoroughly. Well, we have checked and identified a mass which is causing the illness. But we are not sure why. So let's do a biopsy.

Take Darlene out, and if - by some chance - the illness does not fade, then we know it is the entire council that needs to be ousted.

Not the most pleasant way to do it, but it beats a full enema flush that would take care of the problem immediately.

I guess Ms. Burcham, holed up in the least city-like section of Southwest Roanoke in her $384k home (which by the way, is valued more than 4 of the Councilmembers homes) feels she rules the roost. And with the way she pulls strings on her appointed candidates (Harris, Dowe, Mason, Trinkle), is secure in the way she runs things.

When a retired city employee has to fear for his pension for crossing the City Manager the wrong way, theres a distinct problem. If you can't figure out what it is, please... Leave Roanoke to those who can.

And as I write this, I get 2 e-mails from MyRoanoke telling me of fires, with just a street - no quadrant. And minimal information anyway.

But that's usually what we have reporters for, right?

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