And here we go.. 7 P.M. laugh off!

Flabby Harris yapping again.. let's hope the friction from his lips does not set off the fire system again.

Some nonsense about some junket Harris went on, and now a presentation from.. oh god.. this is going to be bad.

Now there's Carlton Banks.. rockin the mic.

Give me a few - this is moving a bit fast and I need to collect my thoughts.


City Youth Leadership

And now High Lord Emperor Harris talking about N.O. and the junket he went on. Why does he feel the need to keep going.. and going... and going.. crap.

Thank god he's over.

Now, onto people who obviously HAVE a thought in their head.


Dowe reconnects? I heard he hires a crew to put up his Christmas lights.

This is too serious.. well spoken kids talking about the future. Obviously, this will not last.


I really should turn this over to the wife - and she is far angrier than I am, but she tends to become incoherent..

SLIDESHOW!!! Grab your popcorn folks.. now we get to see New Orleans.. OH SHUT UP HARRIS...

Looks like the kids had a rip in a big city.. oh wait - now they will never be happy in Roanoke - settling for 2nd best. Unless.. maybe we can make Roanoke more like New Orleans! I know, more restaurants serving Alligator! Maybe at the restaurant on Mill Mountain!

Oh wait... That's not what a "certain" crowd wants.

And look - a university other than Tech! *gasp*

We could use some of those home rebuilders here in Roanoke, drive Patterson Ave. or any of the more extant areas that are not South Roanoke or OSW. There's always a house or two that are boarded up, or something strange.

I give these kids credit though, they went through hell in the Lower 9th Ward. I am sure it has changed them in ways they don't quite understand yet.


And a standing O for the Youth Brigade. Good presentation, although a bit quick at the end.

Franken-Gwen made a funny, but the lovely mics didn't quite get it.

And here we go folks..

Old Firestation #3

Nice sentiment - but if it stays City Property, it will fall to wreckage.

OH NO.. Victory Stadium has been tossed out there. God.. the tears.. the tears.

Old #3 becomes just another revenue source for the city.

Wishneff tired? Taken a Benadryl?


Art Museum asking for a property tax cut, as well as a reduction in the Downtown Service Fee.

Damn near $80 grand lost if they go through with this, after donating a good chunk of property to them? SCREW THAT!

Ok - Wishneff has taken the Robitussin DM again.. I've seen him order a ribeye with more lucidity.

Shock - there goes $80k down the shiatter.


Beginning the Ordinance changes

And this is why Stephanie Moon gets the good money.. I'd like to see any one of you hold up on reading crap like this. Plus - she looks good in white.

Oh - where's the laugh track.

Go Steph Go

Hey - Fitz and Carlton Banks are conferring.. no fair!


I tell ya, if it wasn't for the ignorance of the citizens of Roanoke - the Council might actually have to work!

They keep having no citizens signed up for comments - so why are these folks (save the Victory Stadium guy) hanging around?

806 Marshall Ave. SW - a much condemned building
ARB crap. But, if I may, WHY do you need a Cert. of Appropriateness for the DEMOLITION of a building?

And why was this building not demolished since 1988 when it first was condemned??

Time and time again.. this house should have been blown up by now, made firewood - or found in pieces at Black Dog.

And yet OSW wanted the house saved? And now the ARB wants it saved? I'm smelling asshattery!

So tell me now.. Shall we call this the Victory Stadium house?

Bob Reichert steps up to the mic

BOB - shut the hell up. Seriously - go out with your damn ruler, measure fences.. in some other place. LEAVE ROANOKE.

Sick of you, sick of your nonsense. It's a house thats been condemned since 88.. .


The damn Reicherts, ruining OSW for many years to come!

Oh - do not bring up the leaky ship the Hotel Roanoke is. The that hotel physically will not last another 25 years without serious, and I mean major renovation.


So lets see - we might be talking about 6 total properties on Marshall? Sounds ripe for a housing complex!

Low-income? Sure! Or wait a minute.. how about.. McMansions!

Why the double-L would you need a 3-fold argument to demolish a house? Here we go..

You cannot have a historic district if the PEOPLE.. sorry OWNERS do not care. If you can find a person willing to do the work, thats fine. But odds are, you won't. Get over it. And TEAR IT DOWN.

Oh look, Harris is trying to follow along. Cute.

"A little housing slump"????? Uhh.. yeah. Bill, come back to reality.

Will we have a memorial board give-away like we did with that Stadium?

Bill Bestpitch, unannouced candidate for City Council gives the speech of his lifetime to impress his bosses.


Harris.. for the love of god.. SHUT IT!

Oh good - More OSW nonsense.

Oh god - another mention of Victory Stadium.. this time by Benadryl-Wishneff


Christ Craft steps up to the mic, to rehash what we have heard on - kind of like a live reaction from the public, if only the elected officials actually paid attention.

Chris Craft means well.. really - he does. But he still has not figured out that they just do not care.

Oh.. I'm chuckling darkly at that last comment Chris. (the mayor might have a heart attack while walking into the defib-less Municipal Building)

You know - maybe we can actually pay our mayor to give a damn, as it seems he can't do it for free.

I mean, how dare the city council have sidebar conversations while a citizen is speaking?

Is Trinkle hiding his face in something?


And that ends another barn burning session of the Roanoke City Council. Not affiliated with reality in any way, but fun none the less.

Be back here next time, when the City Council will bring us more joy and comfort.

(edited for clarity at 10pm, when the Novocaine of Harris' voice wore off)

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