Who knew?

Talk about your visionary thinking...

I never thought much about it when they said your average food item travels over 2,000 miles before you get it. I just did not think it was this quick.

Gives me some ideas though..

Cannoli cream pipelines, Maple syrup de-cline railways (ask if your interested, and have funding), and I will not so easily abandon the concept of the BagelRail.


Jeff St Real said...

Oooh, that would be nice. I'm right there with you on the maple syrup. And I'd like to make a special request for Rochester's Country Sweet wings. Right straight to my door.

Philosofik said...

Jioio's pizza in Latrobe, PA is on my list. They use an actual pie crust for their pizza crust. They do something in between to sweeten it and make it less flaky, but it's great. I've driven the seven+ hours up there twice for their pizza.