Makes sense to me...

"Take this, for example. Oy. The base is an old 1930s building - a rather ridiculous structure that resembles a fascist movie set, but a rare example of its breed. Let us be charitable and note that the tower does not take its foundation into account as much as one might like. It looks like a chrysalis that will produce a robot Mothra.

If such a thing is proposed here, and the architects have sufficient pedigree, I imagine it would be celebrated as proof we’re a “world class” city, complete with the inhuman, arrogant, flavor-of-the-month architecture that title has come to suggest." Lileks

I can't help but draw comparisons between Minneapolis and our own fair city from time to time, mostly when I see things like this.

Don't get me wrong, I certainly do not expect to see any 80-story glass pickles being built atop the former "Day and Night Bank" building. But there is an arrogance to the forces-that-be telling us the Art Museum will represent the mountains - as if the common man is far too common to be able to see the vision, to see the greatness.

Those who mock it as the "wreck of the flying nun" and other things are, in a sense, undesirable - they do not have the intellect to see the beauty in the building, and by consequence - the art contained within.

And of course, this thought is not limited to worldly-art types either. Locally, it's easy enough to find. From the foothills of Mill Mountain, to the lowlands of downtown - the idea has taken hold that the "common man" (which is anyone other than the ones talking) is too blind?/ignorant?/uneducated? to grasp the simple concepts.

And sadly, our elected leaders are neither smart enough, nor bold enough, nor savvy enough to aid the citizens in any meaningful way.

Even those who consider themselves closely allied with them, oft times find nothing but disappointment.

In a nutshell, you have a city divided by it's own citizens, a fully independent city council that feels it answers to no-one. Vote them out you say? Like they are worried about that. They have no fear for their part-time jobs of representing the people. They make far more money, and have far more influence outside of the Municipal Building than they do within it.

So it's up to the citizens at large to stand up for themselves. Organize and revive the city.

I mean we are already getting one giant solar reflector, do we need a matching glass pickle?

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