What I learned today

Things I learned today at the Roanoke Biz2Biz blog summit.

  1. Tech guys are tech guys, no matter what the topic.
  2. I share something in common with the site developer from Roanoke Biz2Biz.
  3. Friends should encourage friends to blog, and often.
  4. I can do public speaking, without a microphone.
  5. We need to do more things like this more often.
Promise ya, next time will be bigger, better, and more news-worthy.

All in all though, a good show.


Jeff St Real said...

Very sorry I missed it. Unfortunately, in these days of calendar sharing, our time is not always ours to allocate. I was looking forward to meeting you and others.

Perhaps a casual meeting of casual bloggers could also be worthwhile?

FireFleitz said...

I agree with you, although w/o the tech guys all of the self taught/tutorial reading/freeware using/non-techies like myself would be lost.

Plus it seems like Sean at the horse farm seems to be living the life.

Pam said...

Fine job today my fellow blogger! I thought the content was very basic and would like to see a similar forum at the next level. I hope to see you at the SCBA.

Ms. B said...

Bravo. I thought yesterday was a great event. Being new to blogs, I am really excited now. Thanks!

I would love to know about future events. Keep up the good work.

fred said...

Didn't get the chance to say howdy yesterday--got involved in an interesting discussion with Andrew Cohill about self-publishing--but echo your enthusiasm for blogging's role in community-building. Mine happens to be in far-flung Floyd County.

This month marks the 5th birthday of Fragments from Floyd. For two years I was the only blogger. This is longer so, but we are not really very Floyd-focused in our diversity of voices. I'll watch what's happening in Roanoke. Best of luck!

Sean said...

I had fun speaking at the forum. Next time I imagine there will be made available longer blocks of time for each speaker which would be particularly useful for the tech people like myself. Particularly if the blogging audience will lean towards the business or marketing spheres. Then folks like Tom could have an hour to get down and dirty with RSS implementation, and I could do a more structured session on blogging and organic search optimization.

Keith, I enjoyed your thoughts at the event yesterday. I'm curious about your blog popularity though; 25,000 hits since you started the blog seems low? I'm guessing you've gotten alot more than that. My horse farm and family blog gets about 10,000 visitors a month and I get the feeling your blog should be doing at least 5,000 a month, but maybe I'm wrong? Anyway, hope to see you again at the next event!


Ms. Elenaeous said...

I enjoyed everyone's presentations but sorta wish it went more in-depth, because I still don't know how to set up RSS feeds or links to other blogs and stuff like that. Maybe someone could show me when we have another blogger's meeting.

Philosofik said...

Great stuff yesterday. I echo similar sentiments and hope future sessions are a little more in-depth.

Rob said...

It was nice meeting you at the blogger workshop. I was inspired by what I heard to start up a new blog. I'll endeavor to keep it going and of course keep it interesting enough for people to visit from time to time.