IN the offing

Constant Commenter The Jefferson St. Realist mentions that perhaps, in the future - a casual meetup of Roanoke bloggers would be nice.

Sounds familiar, no?

So let's try this one more time. How about another round of the Star City Bloggers Alliance.

Anyone wants to get involved - e-mail me. Address is in profile. I will use the same co-operative calender system as last time, so if you are already signed up - you know where to go. If not, give me a holler and I will add you.

This time, it's personal.


FireFleitz said...

Sounds good to me. Just have to pick a date and stick with it. People will prioritize it. Anyone going to the St. Patties Day Parade? Or the 100th at Fire Station #1 at 4pm. I will be there with books for sale.

ronbailey said...

I would certainly be interested! Any potential locations or dates?

Sean said...

I'm interested also, I'll keep checking back and looking for the date.

If we wanted to get a Meetup.com account set up for it, I could set one up for the group and Keith could admin it. I started a Meetup.com Roanoke Valley D&D Group a while back and it's worked great. You can do events and rsvps, post messages in forums for the group etc. It's a nice way to keep everything self contained. Does Google have anything similar? I haven't checked.