Got somethin' for ya

A quick and dirty idea, for this city so concerned with it's future.

Ever stop and look at the corridors leading into and out of Roanoke?

Clean those up, and the rest will follow.

Yes, that means a "final solution" for the Bullet-Jamison corridor, a real plan for Williamson Rd., and some consideration given to Hollins, Peter's Creek, et. al.

The only one which seems remotely attractive is Franklin Rd. from 220 to Downtown. Oh, money - right. Forgot about that.

You can flash all the "bling" you want at the 18-39 set, but without substance - there is no attraction.

Re: City Magazine's 125th Anniv. issue.

Your reader's voted that "attracting and retaining the 18-3?" is the most important issue facing Roanoke now. And yet one glimpse through your calender and listings, articles and ads shows nothing towards that goal.

Perhaps the first thing to realize is that the problem is not external, that other places are 'cooler'. The problem is being PART of the problem. As a entertainment journal for Roanoke and it's citizens - and knowing very well your demographics - you know as well as anyone that the 18-3? crowd is widely ignored. Not all 18-3? individuals can afford dinner at Metro, or a weekend of dance lessons at the Hotel Roanoke. But then again, we are not interested in the Art Museum, or a old-timey quilting bee. We want for something to do...

Example: The Laser light shows at the Hopkins Planetarium, a breath of fresh air for someone with a budget looking to get out downtown at night.

But once we left there - what else to do? Texas Tavern and home..

Bar owners, please take notice. There are plenty of bands out there looking for a place to play. Pick some new ones from time to time. Key West is great, if you are.. well, either a boomer or someone trying really hard to be one. NeoYuppies? I'm not going there.

NeoYuppies Forward.. Valley Forward is having it's inaugural membership meeting at Trio Wine Bar and Bistro and Store and Sidewalk Blocker. March 14th at 5:30pm. (once again, an unfortunate time for those who do not work 9 to 5, but what do they matter anyway.) How did I find out? Well, if you are signed up for NewVaConnects, or any other similar group - your e-mail address went to Valley Forward who used it to populate a master-invite list.

Will I be there? Cannot say for sure - Don't think I can afford Trio - and probably wouldn't want to.

Would I like to be? Yes, but I would like it to be at a place I know I can afford and at a time that is more accessible for all. You know, like maybe 6:30pm?

Gee, come to think of it - you would think a group that wants to attract and retain young professionals would want to give them something to do maybe a little later than the dinner hour?

Well.. only time will tell.


Khrystyn said...

I've heard from a few local bands that some bars don't want local bands playing there on weekends. How's that for supporting the local music scene...

Ms. Elenaeous said...

I think part of the problem is that there are no "real" bars.