Another message

Looks like I'm going to have a continued relationship with this group. Who knew?


Greetings Mr. Roanoke-Found,

We, the founders of the Roanoke Citizens
Brigade are choosing to speak through you as we find that your voice and
audience fits our messages.We respectfully hope you do not mind being used like

In the wake of the For The City debacle, and the rise of Valley
Forward - a younger version of For the City, we find ourselves at a loss to
explain the machinations behind this shift towards the rich and semi-powerful,
and their offspring. Are the people expected to believe that these people have
the best interests of the average citizen at heart? With For the City, we were
promised a focus on Education, Greenways, and other such issues.

now, and since the election - nothing. The For the City candidates have busied
themselves with rules about "no drinking after 10pm on city property" and..
well, little else honestly.

Then comes Valley Forward, a young group of
business-professional upstarts with plans to enhance Mill Mountain by building a
miniature Hotel Roanoke directly to the right of the Star. To give the citizens
of the valley the ability to stay at an upscale, posh hotel and dine in splendor
atop Mill Mountain. As if the average, work-a-day citizen eats at Metro or
Frankie Rowland's at least once a week, or could even afford to eat there once a

The facts speak for themselves. A good portion of the Roanoke MSA
is employed in service industries. A good portion is also in the retail
industry, and not as management or higher. The most recent numbers released
indicate the average household in Roanoke brings in roughly $50k a year.

How an Inn on Mill Mountain could possibly contribute to the raising of
that average is beyond comprehension.The Roanoke Citizens Brigade comes forth at
this time to consider alternatives more open to ALL citizens of Roanoke.

Our focus is on life in Roanoke, not the possible maybe future of some
of Roanoke - but the everyday future of ALL Roanoke.

We want your input -
everyones input. Not just those who donate to our campaign funds or can make it
to a 5:30 meeting at Trio (a time when most people are still working, or just
getting out.)

We want the public to contact us - roanokecitizensbrigade@gmail.com
with your ideas, concerns, questions, and motivations.

We appreciate your
assistance in this Mr. Roanoke-Found. And look forward to a continued
relationship in the future.

Roanoke Citizens Brigade

for a just,
and fair city


Anonymous said...

wonder why they feel that they need to use you, i would like to know who they are.

RoanokeFound said...

Not really sure, but Im thinking it's due to my audience. Maybe they figure our audiences are the same - so why not combine efforts. I have not received any communication from them I have not posted on here.

I will continue to be open with their communications. Although so far I am personally intrigued.

Lotzothoughtz said...

Welp, it seems u've finally attracted some kind of cult.

Roanoke Citizens Brigade.......seriously, a brigade? what next sword fighting.

These pple need to get a blog of their own, instead of "using" you......makes me envision u as a paper towel for some reason...something so dismissive about that turn of phrase they chose.

FireFleitz said...

They have absolutely no credibility. They are hiding behind a name and having you post the information. I think I understand why you have posted it, however I would require some sort of explanation of who they are and what their plans are for some sort of credibility. Until then, I would discontinue posting this silly stuff. Not that I don't agree with some of their thoughts.

For all we know this could be some high school students having fun.

Anonymous said...