One day, you'll thank me for this...

Oh great geek master - what have you to say now?

Well, to be completely boring - I was reading through the agenda for the next City Council meeting (yes, someone actually does that - and I'm ashamed to say it's me) when I came across an interesting "Item recommended for action."

It's #4 on the list, should you care to read along (it's a .pdf):

(ahem) Amendment of the City Code to provide for the partial real estate tax exemption for new structures within redevelopment, rehabilitation, and conservation districts.

Excited yet?

How about asking this one small question: Is not the very definition of rehabilitation, and conservation the diametric opposite of New Structures?

I thought the point was to get folks to a) take care of, 2) remodel, and/or X=protect the existing old, and yes - historical, housing stock?

Keep your eyes open on this one folks, it feels greasy... like a palm.


ATL said...

Ok. Let's say there's a completely run down, crap house in the middle of an otherwise well kept conservation district. Let's say the structure isn't historically relevant and would cost more to bring up to standard than to build new.

Wouldn't it make more sense to tear it down, create a new and more useful building that would add more to the area than the preexisting structure?

RoanokeFound said...

As long as the new and more useful building fits the generalized design of the area.

I know it's a tool used to control the neighborhood, but at it's core - Old Southwests "Design Guidelines Apply" is not a bad idea. But thats what we have the City's own Vision plan for - and zoning regulations.

If the house is in that tragic shape - by all means tear the roof off, but make sure your not going to build the Battleship Potemkin in a sea of bungalows.

Anonymous said...

watch out for the benine guidelines the saying Ultimate power Ultimetly corupts is so true

FireFleitz said...

I read the agendas as well. Not much going on, huh.

Anonymous said...

this would be a function of the amendment passed by the voters this November.