Dead body in the river: Take 2

This just in off the wire:

Roanoke City Police make arrest in the murder of Karen Elkins. Elkins' body was found in the Roanoke River back in October. The murderer is one Aaron P. Gray, 29 of Roanoke.

Police still have no comment on how she was killed, but a search warrant might give some clues. The warrant states that guns and shells were sought-items in police searches.

Our sources confirm the earlier statements they made, and align with the search warrant details. Although really the warrant should be reworded to read SINGLE shell, SINGLE gun.

Draw your own conclusions - 1 gun, 1 bullet, 1 dead body.

Kudos to the Roanoke PD for catching another miscreant and murderer.

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Anonymous said...

Not quite... There were multiple bullets and shells found - from different weapons including .380 and .22.