Roanoke firefighter files grievance against city over job transfer

(article here)

Remember what I said months ago about the employees of the city working in a state of fear of retailiation from the Head of Human Resources (aka the city manager)? This proves my point exactly.

To some it may look like errant whining, but think about this - when you single out the head of a group (and it was easy to do, it's as simple as running a whois search on the domain name) and take action against them, your attempting to send a message.

I have a feeling this time, it might just backfire in the city's face.

Hi there.

I run a website, and a blog.

I have said unkind things about the city government in the course of the blog.

It's called "an opinion."

And should you attempt to retailiate, you better do it honestly. Come to me with facts, and let's debate. Take action, and face the darker side of the internet.

It's every man, woman, and childs god given right to bitch and moan about things they don't like. And nobody can take that away.


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Anonymous said...

Darlene Burcham is a senile old hag who has NO business being anywhere near a position that reqeuires thought instead of decpetion and lies. Karma will slap her upside that fake red head some day. Wonder if she's crashed any more "free" cars lately...