Out with the bad air, in with the good..

Very sorry to all I told yesterday that today was going to be much cooler. It seems like a cap has slid over the valley causing the heat to be trapped a little longer. Although that was one of the more interesting rainstorms I've seen yesterday downtown. There was thunder in SE, but not a sign of rain. No rain or thunder in South Roanoke, and reports from the airport indicate 2-3 storms rolled through.

I wish I had my camera moment: Driving up Franklin Rd. the other evening, rounding the bend by Kabuki heading towards downtown, that nice cool shady bend. Wet. Completely and utterly wet.

Everything all the way to the river (and possibly beyond, I don't quite recall) was wet. A mini-storm apparently. But so mini that I never even saw a hint of it from just across 220.

Fear not folks - the rain is on its way, and barring another last minute revision - tomorrow promises to be nearly 10 degrees cooler than today.

Perhaps the subtle hostility that is residing in the valley will vanish as well.

I've heard more car horns beeping in these past 3 days than I have in my whole time down here.

It's almost like New York again... now cut it out!

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Sam said...

I thought I was the only one who noticed an increase in the honking around here! Its like a 2nd turn signal!