2 very interesting Letters to the Editor

Once again, Roanoke caters to affluent families

Wow, soccer fields. The soccer fields are only for the privileged youth, and the city "improvements" are aimed at the affluent families.

There is a large population of citizens that doesn't care about soccer fields and "family activities."

The kids who do not have affluent parents have nowhere to go. The single adults have no community activities aimed at them that don't revolve around alcohol.

The questions keep being asked over and over as to why Roanoke can't attract businesses and why we have "gangs."

The answers are simple. The U.S. is built on a multitude of lifestyles, backgrounds, social classes and colors.

Too bad Roanoke has listened only to the affluent parents of the "I need a soccer field or stadium for my kids" or our prejudiced Baptist mayor who can't keep the religion and state apart.

Put your ear to the ground, citizens. The nonaffluent youth are asking for help; the single adult would like his or her tax dollars spent on something to improve his or her life in Roanoke; and the minorities of the Roanoke Valley don't want to be singled out, but included.

Todd Nash



Lopsided representation of Roanoke's citizens

Over the past decade, Roanoke has become more Southwest leaning in its elections. Most of Roanoke City Council and the mayor live in this well-to-do section of the city.

This leads to more being done for the richer section and less for the poorer sections.

The solution for this is to go to the ward system. Roanoke County has districts. It works for them.

Why can't Roanoke go to a ward system? Maybe a little more will be done for all parts of the city and not just Raleigh Court, Grandin Road and richer areas near Roanoke Memorial Hospital.

The way it is now is not working. So, maybe a change would help. It could not hurt.

Wayne Harrison



You have been notified that the revolution is coming, these are merely the first waves lapping at the rocky shores. It's a metaphor.. think about it.


Lotzothoughtz said...

[thinks back to district system he laided out in his blog post] I've gotta say I agree w/ you on that. Equal representation through a system of districts is the only way to end the increasing city wide social stratification.

Weill said...

I also read these, interesting, and somehow I agree with them.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's make it like those well run cities up north...that everbody can't wait to get away from as soon as possible.