"I should have never left..."

And with those words, Alvin Nash has submitted his resignation to the Roanoke City Council - effective at the close of February. 

Nash (seen at left) has decided that his heart never really left Blue Ridge Housing, and he might have left his wallet there as well. Anyone remember the controversy on this guy back when he first was vetted? 

There were questions even then, and now - with a legal see-saw over who owes who what, and a possible HUD investigation.. well, I wonder what he thinks he can accomplish (other than finding those damn recipts). 

A good chunk of the money battle has to do with work rendered for the "Southeast By Design" project, which - as a resident of Southeast, I would say they defaulted. Actually, considering the City's remarkably invisible results - I would say the SEBD program was a wash. 

But Nash's resignation reminds me of a certain felo... former councilman. Mr. Dowe - who was run off similarly. Now the question is, how long before Bowers is shuffled back to Buffalo? Of all the big-mouthed, over-billing, and least-effective members of council who have come and gone - we are graced with a stretch of 3 now, going back to May of last year. 

I demand a do-over!

(Bowers, Dowe, and Nash are seen recently during a black tie event at the Hotel Roanoke - they were there to fix the plumbing.)

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Museice said...

Very embarrassing for Roanoke and very sketchy.