Well, thats over.

And before some of you get over-happy about percieved mandates, and all that nonsense - all me to remind you:

Just like Christmas - the next election is only so far away. And I'm not even talking 2012 presidential, I'm talking the 2010 Congressional.

That nice little margin the Dems enjoy in congress? Watch it vanish. 

That's just the way it works, always has.

24 months is all the Obama folks have to get done what they promised, before the balance of power shifts yet again.

We need: Better candidates on both sides.
A nationalized ballot for presidential elections.
More (yes, MORE) high tech voting - With Virginia and Maryland going back to paper ballots, it sets us back to the 19th century - and thats not going to help us one bit.
Actually, we need a whole lot of things - far too many for my little local blog to list. Far too many for me to delve into.

The Republicans would not have had a brown paper bag elected to lunch this time around, regardless of what the Democrats want to claim. But at this point, that's neither here nor there.

Start saving that money for a while folks - the recovery of the economy is going to take a bit longer than expected.

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Museice said...

Economy? Recovery?
We haven't even hit bottom yet.
450 Trillion in Derivatives needs to be settled. US GDP... 14 Trillion.
Big Big Numbers