7 years on...

And we are still finding new videos, new audio; things we had not seen, and things we had forgotten. 

You know how I am with 9/11. it is THE day to honor our FD and PD, the NYPD PAPD FDNY and countless others who responded, and all those who lost someone. 

As far as I know, I did not lose anyone in the WTC - but thats only as far as I know. There is still a big chunk of people I no longer communicate with from high school - many of whom went into exactly the kind of work that would have them at the WTC. Extended family that no one really has much communication with anymore. Countless others I worked with. 

A relative of mine lost a co-worker after the first WTC bombing, back in 93. The one that cancelled my prom for me (it was supposed to be at Windows on the World, someplace I had not been - they moved it to Tavern on the Green - pedestrian). She stopped working at the Twin Towers shortly after that - choosing to keep her feet planted firmly on the ground. She always said - 'they tried it once, they will try again."

I had family that built the WTC-  everything from laying the concrete 'bathtub' to working the steel into shape. I myself worked in the shadows of it in the winter before, when I noticed all downtown Manhattan seemed off - sadder, but with no reason. 

I never went to the top, preferring the older Empire State for that. And I will never go to the top of the "Freedom Tower," should it ever be built. But my child, and eventual children and grandchildren, will understand the family story, and how 9/11 fit into it. 

Some people ask me if I left NY because of 9/11 - and the answer is always no. 9/11 was a reason to stay.

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