Have you seen?

The city launched the StarCam - 24/7 webcam live from the top of Mill Mountain.

It's about time too.. and because they are about 10 years late doing this, they used 10 year old web code.

The entire page refreshes every 15 seconds. Hope your cache is strong enough to handle it.

However, with a bit of digging - I was able to find the site where it does not refresh the entire page, just the photo.

And it's every 5 seconds.

Here you go - the Real StarCam

Oh, and your welcome - City of Roanoke, for saving your servers the 15 second total refresh.

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Museice said...

Very Nice...
So I will say 'Thank You' for doing what someone working for Roanoke should have done.
This is obviously the link everyone should use.
Have you sent it to The City's Web Guy?