Snow Job

SO - which is it, the Wishneff article in today's paper (aka - the Times strikes back) or the lovely weather outside?

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Anonymous said...

According to the article the City has set aside $3 million for Mr. Trinkle's amphitheater. Now that did come as a surprise. The City also has a spare $880,000 to throw at the Hancock Building developers and folks all that money came out of cash flow.

Is there nothing in Roanoke that needs to be addressed (i.e. fixed) before building an amphitheater? Certainly there are more important things than outdoor dining, upscale resturants, downtown living and adding more vibrants to downtown.

Isn't it telling thaat none, repeat none, of the developers responding to the "City's proposal is willing to put up any of their own money for the project? It will not be financially self supporting. The $120,000 the market building is losing (because of incompetent management) will look like a drop in the bucket compared to what amphitheater will lose. And, the next time one of the true believers gives you hype about all the tourist dollars an amphitheater will bring in as for the economic analysis. There isn't any, it is all plucked from air - and that's the polite term. You might also ask what happened to the bond money raised for renovation of Victory Stadium OR building a new Amphitheater!

Keep in mind the Fish Wrapper (aka Roanoke Times) obtained Wishneff's email through a Freedom of Information Act request, which of course begs the question of how they knew what to request. However, no ones proprietary financial information was jeaprodized and what was disclosed should have been in the public realm long ago. More transparancy is needed about how the fools are running the institution.

I was thinking today that Nelson Harris was on the School Board for six years at $4,000 a year. He was a Council Member for eight years at an average salary of around $15,000 as year and Mayor for 4 years at $20,000 a year. Have we gotten $200,000 -$225,000 worth of "value" from his services. During that time the school system turned to fecal matter, buildings fell apart because of neglect and the list goes on.

If Nelson has opposion in the Mayor's race he better not run on "his record". He doesn't have one