Sad news out of the other camp.

For a confirmed ReThuglican like myself, I have to say - the Democrats just got screwed.

Well-Tanned Harris and his crew of "Fleece the City" candidates have now gained control of the City Democratic Party.

Is it just me, or does Harris look like he has high blood pressure issues?

At any rate - now is the time to strike and wipe this sad political machine from the City's wards.

Oops - did I just say that word again?

Folks - there's bad, and then there is bad. And the sheer chance that more "For the City" candidates, or even worse "Forward the City" (if you catch my non-subtle drift) should make your liver quiver, and your heart skip a beat.

Harris claims to be a King-maker in this town. I say we get together and crown him good.

Tonight, and possibly only tonight - this ReThuglican stands with the formerly useful City Democrats - who have now been "outsourced."

But perhaps a 3 way dance is exactly what the city needs....

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Al said...

It was an interesting evening and it shows just how disfunctional city politics has become. It was the well healed that gave Harris his victory. They look to me more like "Republicans in D's clothing" and it also strikes me they are not the kind of people who will WORK for a candidate. Oh, they'll give plenty to get their man (or woman) elected, but can you really see one commecial realtor, short fella, reminds me of Barney Fithe, actually sitting down at a phone bank and calling people to get out and vote? OR attending a Committee meeting. Not me. And Roanoke's Black community should be ashamed. They just as well run an ad in the paper "minority candidate for sale". Where are all the good people? Actually, I saw one as he left the meeting and after we spoke, I just wondered what would have been going on in Roanoke if this fine pair of young men had gotten elected. It's our loss folks and unless there is a collective effort to end it, there is more bad stuff to come.