Fire up the kettle, this is gonna take a while.

Market building on the Market?

Good god, how much time do they think I have to devote to this stuff? I mean, what's next? City-subsidized townhouses in the tunnels under downtown?

Now I am sorry I have to be in so early, otherwise I could really have some fun with this. But I'll be back later.

Bet on it.

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Simple Country Fella said...

One has to wonder why the "City" neglected to do routine maintenance to the Market Building. Did it forget to? Does the oil get changed regularly in city owned vehicles?
Nelson Harris has been on the Council for 12 years. One has to wonder what he has learned about how a City runs/is operated during that time? Probably not much as he has been too busy getting his non-thesis Doctorate and producing books with photos obtained from museums because of his "official" position that we lesser folk can't get. He doesn't know the difference between editor and author and he doesn't share the royalties either. Makes one wonder how much he knows about ethics as well