If I may

Please direct your attention to the right side of the page, and scroll down a bit. You will find an Odeo podcast jukebox, which is currently set for the podcast "Shepcast" brought to you by the Brass Figlagee.

Why this addition? I happen to be a big fan of Jean Shepherd, and figure that some of you might want to listen too. Now you can, from anywhere you might be.

I trust that you will find it as enjoyable as I do, and if you don't - well, sorry. It will probably be up there through the fall.

You might also notice I removed the link for the chatroom, which no one had used in 50+ days.

Anyway, just some of the "smoke and mirrors" to distract you all from the work behind the curtain here.

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Lotzothoughtz said...

Wow that's one gigantic module.....and I see you moved your fellow bloggers waaaayyyy down the line....hmmm....good call on the chatroom.