This is no joke folks, a rumor was reported on the Farmer's Market Blog, and I have independently verified this. The City is planning to take back the Farmer's Market from Downtown Roanoke, Inc.

Effectively canceling the contract between The City of Roanoke and Downtown Roanoke, Inc. within the next 6 months, with the Market falling under the auspices of the City.

This, in the wake of the City dumping Car Park as the management company for the parking garages (wonder if that has anything to do with the parking fee hike) - along with a few high profile departures in the city's contractors (DRI, EventZone) leaves more questions.

Will EventZone be booted out in favor of the city's new Arts Commissioner?

At this point, from the information I gathered - thats a 50/50.

What is the deal here? Does the city really just want to destroy everything it worked for for the last 25 years?

God help us all.


soapdeli said...

We should all be really concerned. I mean doesn't the city council have enough trouble just managing the city?!

stu said...

Keith, where did you get this info? There is no city arts commissioner, just Rick Salzberg who is the arts festival director and Susan Jennings is the public art coordinator...


RoanokeFound said...

Oh, sorry. You are right. There is no Commissioner - yet.

Like I am really going to reveal a source? HA! Especially when even city retiree's fear retribution?

Not a chance good sir.

Maybe Commissioner is the wrong title, but the job will be the same.

But if you want to nitpick semantics and titles while the city sets to burn, well then - play on Nero.

Anonymous said...

The city manager and head of DRI claim they haven't heard anything about this.

RoanokeFound said...

No, not a thing - nothing they would admit to a reporter you mean?

Well - what have you. Time will bear the truth behind the rumors.