Does Roanoke ignore it's young? YOU BETCHA!

Seriously now.. wtf?


Jason said...

as a roanoke 20s-something, i think the historic photos might be interesting...

but that'd be it.

is this the art festival that is supposed to be modeled after my beloved hometown's (Charleston, SC) spoleto festival?

ha! roanoke is sadly way off from it.

thanks for sharing the menu, i think i'll pass :)

Philosofik said...

When I was a teenager growing up in Botetourt County, I always wanted to move to Roanoke because I thought there was more to do there. Botetourt, when I grew up, was nothing but farms, so anything was a step up in the activity department.

Having lived in Roanoke for a few years now, I realize it's not so different. There are lots of things to do... if you're 40 years old. I'm not and to be honest, when I want entertainment, I either make my own, or leave town.

Roanoke's going to wake up sooner or later. I don't know how it can keep this up.