If you are looking for me.. I've been busy lately - check the SE blog for information.

Of course, thats not all.. There will be another NewRoanoke this weekend.

Plus, once again your humble servant is mentioned in today's newspaper. An Oak-Leaf Filigree with Bronze Palm for the first person to spot me (excludes only a certain Fire Fighter, and the author of the article) and leave a comment.

Plus.. well, lets just say I have been active within the city. Very active.

Infiltration plans proceeding according to schedule. More later.

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Keith said...

"One such blogger, Keith Clinton of Roanoke, who started his "Just Another Day in Roanoke" blog as a companion to his Roanoke Found Web site two years ago, has become a popular local read."

I'll take that Oak-Leaf Filigree with Bronze Palm.

In small bills, please.