Sean, of Sean's Horse Farm and Family Blog, left a comment wondering if I had any solutions to offer instead of just deriding others efforts.

Well, yes. Several - but my solutions are works in progress, as I am actively working within the community to develop them.

However, it does bring me to move ahead with the next series of posts I've been mulling over launching over the summer. But I guess now is as good a time as any.

Coming later today - the start of the New Roanoke series. A comprehensive look at several probable futures for Roanoke, and how to get there from here.

Thanks Sean.


Sean said...

I hope I wasn't a downer! And remember, it's just my opinion, but since I respect you, I thought I'd share it. If I didn't respect you, I'da just deleted my bookmark ;)


RoanokeFound said...

Nope - just a motivational force. I've been a bit lazy lately, and consumed with 30 different projects at once. Focus is a good thing, when it happens.