Whose Valley?

Keep your eyes on Valley Forward folks.. I smell another Art Museum in the making here..

I wonder, once they open membership - if the new members do not like the idea of the Inn, will they drop it? Or is the will of the upwardly mobile South Roanokers more important than the will of the people?

Oh wait, we already have the art museum..

Anyway - I invite anyone associated with Valley Forward to leave me a comment, or send me an e-mail (the address is not exactly hidden lately). Again, I'm not against the idea of something on Mill Mountain - but I'm not convinced a small upscale niche hotel is the way to go. That word 'upscale' has take this valley like wildfire, leaving the working people out in the cold.

And if the city council signs on to this without qualm or question - well, just remember - we are coming into an election year again. I've seen quite a few political suicides already from the city council, and the year has just begun.

Valley Forward? Could be.... if it's everyones valley.


Sean said...

The hotel would employ working class folks to keep it running. How exactly is this bad for working class folks?


RoanokeFound said...

Ask around the other hotels in Roanoke, and you'll find 2 things:

1) payscale is low at best

2) a good number of workers arrive and depart by public transportation, which does not serve Mill Mountain - and apparently no one has any plans on doing so.

I support Cambria Suites slated to open on Franklin and Reserve. I would support the idea of the Inn on Mill Mountain, if there was a way for the general non-driving public to get up there. But as no one seems to find this important enough to attempt (and I assure you the use of Mill Mountain would double year round, as well as zoo attendance without building an Inn) I guess I will just have to take it at what is being said.

ATL said...

I don't really understand the significance of the Inn. If this group is so "forward" then why not begin w/ a project that more people can utilize and therefore garner more public support, rather than the support of those that can afford certain things.

FireFleitz said...

I like the idea personally, but not if the City has to pay for it. The city has enough projects that are actually needed before building the inn. First they have to come off with the money for the second of the two stadiums. After all the first one cost more than both were supposed to. As for the public transportation, I guess I just assumed that the City would take care of that, or that the Forward people would understand the need for it.

Anonymous said...

Chances are, if you need to take the damn bus to get up there, you won't be spending anything anyway.

Anonymous said...

Funny. Almost a universal reaction I get from out-of-towners visiting Mill Mountain is "It's too bad there isn't a nice restaurant or something up here". Basically, you go up there, look at the star, look at the city from the overlook and get in your car and leave. I've never had anyone remark on the "natural beauty" up there. How could anything be described as "natural" when you have a gigantic glowing neon star dominating the scenery. would not a nicely designed inn/cafe fit in more pleasingly, and provide people with a destination atop the mountain instead of a roadside attraction?