Withholding information

I'm in the midst of a quandary... I want to post, a serious hard-core post railing against the way the city operates, the political nonsense they engage in, the absolute stupidity of hiring as a consultant someone who resigned in basic disgrace from the VMT, so many things...

But the holidays are in the air, and my hearts not in it just yet. I'm still waiting for that one story that will push me over the edge, but I'm finding it hard to have that red streak run up my spine... what with the chill in the air (too much at 6am, but still...), the lights, the trees, the hustle and bustle of holiday shoppers..

And the windows of Florabella down on First St. True Christmas windows.. here in Roanoke. Something you won't get at the mall, or anywhere else short of 5th Ave. in Manhattan, although somehow better..

Photos will follow shortly - as soon as I drag them off my camera.

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