Little did I realize...

Little did I realize how many people realize the city is bass-ackwards, but feel they are powerless to do anything about it.

Every day I meet new people, have new conversations with people who realize that there are major flaws in the city's government, but feel they cannot effect a change.

Little did I realize the level of "status quo" which exists among the higher ups here - how dare you attempt to give forth a new idea, or a proven one when it changes the way they have to work, or worse than that - makes them actually work.

Little did I realize how many people mistake "can't do" with "won't do", causing elevated blood pressure levels.

And little did I realize that refurbishing and restoring the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Bridge (aka - the Henry St. Bridge) would entail removing the entire bridge. This came as quite a shock to me when I walked out of work today... But thats what I get for having a day off.

Ah well, more to come.. the holidays are upon us, and the craziness is near endless.

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