Minneapolis, not Constantinople

Of the 7 sister cities Roanoke has, the one city that could be it's twin is not among them.

Case in point (via Lileks' The Bleat): "I didn’t grow up here, so I have no opinion. But I do know that
the tail-end of the streetcar era was not the finest moment in Mpls
history. The town had become tired, sooty and tumble-down. They razed most of it before it fell on its own, and that’s a
pity; if they could have propped it up for 15 years and rehabbed it,
downtown would be a different place. But wrecking balls and sleek
featureless skyscrapers had an erotic appeal to the technocrats, so out
with the flophouses and bum-bars, and in with a phlanx of noble,
logical, rational towers. Or, in the case of Minneapolis, a handful of
smaller buildings surrounded by acres of parking lots."

Much the same can be said of our dear Roanoke, and for comparison, I give you:


And yes, they even had trolleys too.

More posts to come.

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