Sorry for the unscheduled naptime folks, but there are things which take precedence over griping about politics. But now that I have the time again..

Our newly-selected Vice Mayor Mr. David "Fork in the Spoon" Trinkle has something to say. And I'm not sure how this is playing over at Cit.. sorry, Municipal Building.

But what bothers me the most about it is this. He is trying to set the record straight on progress in the city, but in doing so - makes the city look even more short-sighted and unsure of itself than ever.

There are an awful lot of "if"s and unspoken maybes. Sounds like Victory Stadium might be the only major public project to get accomplished this year or next.

School construction not withstanding, but realistically - the funds being used for the renovation of Patrick Henry and William Fleming could have gone to build a 3rd new highschool, and spruce up the 2 old ones.

I don't get it though - but I guess when you have a city council that is not on the clock for the city 24/7, it's hard to focus on priorities. Hard to know whats going on in every sector of the city, especially with the information being filtered through a middle-man (D. Burcham) it's all too easy to just wait for the next report...

This is not to say there is no value to Mr. Trinkle's words, some of his points are interesting - but there is still one major MAJOR issue not being discussed. The boosting of the local tax base..

That one I would like to hear. And all I get is silence.

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