Weekends here!

And I have a few things in the works - including the new page I promised you (look for it Sunday evening), a podcast (monday morning), and a few choice posts I've been rolling around my brain.

First off - Im terribly sorry that the price of gas has not come down yet. Im sure theres a good reason for it. *shakes magic 8-ball* Remember you can track it on the right side of the screen.

2nd - Panera Bread (Tanglewood Mall) opens today. It's the Starbucks of the bread world - a spin off of a mall-based chain of bakeries. And sadly, it's the closest thing Roanoke has to a real bakery (exception being On the Rise, but they are a bread-only bakery). Hopefully this will spur competition, as the complaints about Kroger cakes and WalMart cakes are coming fast and furious these days. However, Food Lion carrys Carvel Ice Cream cakes. And you really can't get much better than that.

Thirdly - You remember how I told you all in the past that the city still retains its historic charm, regardless of what crud building they choose to put up? I'll have proof of that this weekend. I'll show you where you can look back nearly 100+ years in time, and see the past clearer than one would ever expect. And it's right beneath your noses.

Fourth, and finally - I would like to hear your suggestions for topics and places to explore. I'd like to know what the people are interested in, and as long as its not Victory Stadium (which I have explained time and time again), I'll do my best to deliver. Heck, if your looking to buy a home in the city - give me the address, or a rough approximation thereof and I can tell you the basic story behind the neighborhood. Sometimes I can get specific about the house itself.

Also, keep your eyes open for the Mill Mountain Zoo Barnes & Noble donation coupons we will be peppering downtown with. August 16th, any book purchased at Barnes and Noble at Tanglewood will have a portion of its purchase price donated to the Mill Mountain Zoo, provided you have the coupon. So we are printing up a bunch of them, in hopes that you will take one and do just that. Support the Zoo.

Well, enjoy this miserable weather. 6am and 75 degrees out.. Im ready for fall, or even winter for that matter. Not long now though anyway.


Mason said...

Don't forget that El Palenque and the Wildflour also bake cakes.

bubba said...

Kneadful Things on Memorial is also a bakery. They surpass anything the supermarkets could churn out.