I hope your all having a good weekend

I know I sure will be.. working. FEH!

Why haven't you folks sent me money allready so I can retire and work full time on this? You know you love me...

Anyway, I want everyone to pay attention to this article today. It welcomes our new Vice-Mayor (a postion of even less power than the mayor, but slightly more than your average Parks & Rec worker), and lays out the basic ideas the City Council has for the use of the Victory Stadium site. Everyone cut this one out, and keep it on the fridge, so we all have a guide as to what the city will screw up and when.

Sorry to see Bev step down like this, but maybe it will give him more time to work on the Buseum.

And again the specter of the silly Carilion conspiracy comes forth. Remember, nothing is more valueable to a company than easily-acessable public lands. Employees tend to like that sort of stuff.

Besides - arent they getting tired of being constantly under construction?

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