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June 22, 2006
State reduces Mill Mountain Zoo funding

"Nina" is one of the zoo's newest attractions.

"Nina" is one of the zoo's newest attractions.

Mill Mountain Zoo did not receive quite as much
money as it hoped in the latest state budget. The zoo requested
$200,000 but found out this week it's being allotted $40,000 in the
two-year budget, less than it received in recent years.

Director Sean Greene says, "Well it wasn't what we expected,
hoping for a little bit more, then again, when you get $40,000,
you can't be sad about that. It's better than nothing."

In past
years, the zoo has received more than $80,000 in the state budget.
Greene says the zoo is paying down debt from the winter when the zoo is
staffed, but visitors don't come out.

The zoo does have a new
cougar, Nina, new paint, and some other improvements. Greene says
that's helped bring more people out. (via. WDBJ7.com)

$20k a year to run a zoo. Thats the equivalent of giving $200 bucks per school kid per year to educate them. What kind of outcome are you expecting when you decide to be that pig-headed and ignorant. That's not funding, thats an outright insult.

All local communties, governments, and businesses must dig deep now and make this a record breaking year for donations to the Zoo. People need to go, and break all attendance records, show some love for the Zoo. Perhaps the Zoo could be named a "possible terrorist target" and get some federal funding, I mean - if New York is no longer a target - then something else must be.

This is a disgrace, at which we can only lay the blame on the ignorant jackasses in the State legislature.

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Sean said...

Yes that's just brilliant. The state government will give millions in tax breaks to any company that relocates to our area, but starve the cultural venues in our region that are a large part of the appeal of relocating here in the first place. This is why the basic business and cultural philosophy of the Republic party rubs me the wrong way. Oops, did I say that out loud. Well, on the other hand, the current Democratic party has swung too far to the left for me to rally with them. I think there needs to be a third party called the Common Sense party that steals the mainstream from both the Donkey and the Elephant so we can strike the appropriate balance in our area.