Good Monday to you all...

Well, it finally happened. Fall has come to SWVA. This is the WDBJ7 Towercam on Poor Mt. Although the leaves have not changed up there yet, they are starting to change. Bedford is seeing color, as well as Rocky Mount and even Virginia Western CC is starting to change. (If you have weatherbug, its easy to find all these cams. if not - go to WeatherRoanoke.com) The air is crisp and clear. Chill some might even say. I have pulled out my denim jacket for while Im out and about.

Now I can carry my camera on me instead of in my bag. I've started playing more jazz as I work around the house and on the site. We are coming upon the time when Charlie Brown will fill the airwaves. It begins with The Great Pumpkin, and carrys forth.

Now I allready know its too easy to begin harumphing about Christmas. Especially when WalMart is displaying decorations, TV is allready beginning to show christmas-themed ads, and we all know... we dread.. November 1st. Because we know on November 1st, the Christmas displays go up fully in stores, the mall is festooned and construction begins on Santa's pad. And certain stores begin playing seasonal music endlessly.

But we still have time before that happens. Time to gather a pile of leaves and dive on in. Time for a cool hike on Mill Mountain, or a stroll through downtown. Good time for some early morning fishing on the lake, or some flycasting in the river. Good time to exist basically, provided you can forget lifes worries and just be for a while.

And remember, we are probably just a few weeks away from the constant use of the word "windchill".

This full moon is the Hunter's Moon, and has been hanging stunningly near the Star at night. The early morning sky is breathtaking, and the clouds that pass during the day are straight out of a Bob Ross painting. Have your minds set on record, I have a feeling this is going to be a fall to remember.

Remember, new page at Forgotten-Roanoke.com, new podcast at Odeo. And should you be interested, some nice quality Forgotten-Roanoke wear at Cafepress.

Have yourselves a good day.. and take time to stop and smell the leaves.

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